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How It All Started

Very often an idea starts with a need.

Spring in Osaka, Japan 2008, some international college- and university students wanted to intern abroad in order to build their resumes and at the same time explore their horizons. Although they had Internet and asked their home institutions, it was hard to find the right opportunities for internships abroad, so Fredrik started to help his fellow classmates to find internships, as he knew some companies that would host interns back in Europe but also in China. This was how Absolute Internship started.

Fredrik quickly began to realize that helping students going abroad to build their resumes and at the same time gaining an international experience in exciting cities, should be easy and available for every college- and university student all around the world. Absolute Internship was now commercialized and started to place their first students in the year of 2010 in Paris and Shanghai. Enrollments to Absolute Internship continue to expand, proof that college- and university students worldwide are having fantastic experiences and are spreading the word.

What We do

Absolute Internship was created to give students and graduates a competitive edge in the job market. Whatever career you aspire, whatever you are studying and whatever year you are in, by being part of Absolute Internship’s Program we can help inspire you to land that dream job you want. Absolute Internship helps students and graduates all around the world to gain international work experience abroad by providing customized professional internships. The Absolute Internship program is an all-inclusive, international professional development experience. Our students choose their own customized internship, and experience living and working abroad together with other students from all around the world, which makes it a complete international program including transportation, weekend activities and cultural excursions and 24 hour on-site support. Additionally, our participants are provided vital international business training to enhance their internship experience, business etiquette and acclimate in the host country to make sure that the internship experience is as productive and valuable as possible. Today, the Absolute Internship program is offered in Barcelona, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai and Paris. Participants come from all around the world, speaking different foreign languages making our program a truly international and unforgettable experience.

The Founders

Fredrik van Huynh, Co-Founder

Fredrik graduated from Jonkoping International Business School with a degree in Business Administration and founded Absolute Internship in 2009. As part of his degree he also spent six months at the Shanghai Finance & Economics University in Shanghai studying Chinese and six months at the Kansai Gaidai University in Japan studying business in Asia. Born and raised in Sweden, Fredrik has a talent for languages speaking excluding Swedish: Cambodian, Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, English, French and Thai. Professionally, Fredrik joined his family business in the diamond industry before he founded Absolute Internship.

Fredrik’s passions are entrepreneurship, travel, and soccer. He is also involved in supporting charities in Cambodia.

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Aurélie Chouaf, Co-Founder

Aurélie completed a Masters degree in International Business at ESC Montpellier. She followed up her degree in France with a Masters degree in International Marketing from La Trobe University in Australia. In 2009, Aurélie co-founded Absolute Internship and has helped build the company from the ground up. Her strong work ethic and her sense for international education have led to major achievements across the world by recruiting students to our programs, placing students in internships and running the division for all program logistics. Aurélie has worked in the food & beverage industry for the Beijing Olympics as well as in the oil & gas industry in foreign countries such as Iran, Sweden and Thailand.

Aurélie is fluent in Spanish, French, English, Swedish and her passions are travel, dancing and inspiring people to go abroad to exceed their goals. She is also involved in supporting charities in Cambodia.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assemble students worldwide to the Absolute Internship Programs by identifying and recruiting them globally, allowing them to empower their international careers, personal capabilities and gain an international experience in a new environment. Through our services, we will support the students in their career success and achievements.

Social Responsibility

Absolute Internship supports the Blind Project. The Blind Project is a collective of passionate individuals uniting together, leveraging our unique talents to empower women exploited by the commercial sex trade in Southeast Asia. Right now millions of women and children are enslaved and exploited in the multi-billion dollar commercial sex trade. Victims of the commercial sex trade are treated like meaningless commodities. They are sold and bought, resold and bought again. Often times even when women are rescued, many fall back into the trade because of limited resources, scarce economic opportunities and/or social stigmas.

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